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Sista to Sista is an organisation for teenage girls. Our mission, purpose and passion is to build the self-esteem of teenage girls and give them guidelines to live their lives well.
Why the need for Sista 2 Sista?
We believe that issues like teenage pregnancy, alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders, school drop out, self abuse, to name a few can be lessened when girls have strong self-esteem and belief in who they are and who they can become.    Sista 2 Sista aims to encourage and educate girls on how to live life to the full knowing that they are beautiful and precious individuals who have value and purpose. Sista 2 Sista wants to help improve the lives of teenage girls by giving them the self knowledge, belief and education to live life fully.
How does Sista 2 Sista do this?
Sista 2 Sista organises day conferences, weekend camps, workshops and mentoring to teenage girls.
Sista 2 Sista is run by a steering committee of women volunteers chaired by      
Sista 2 Sista founder, Sarah Tinsley–Myerscough. Sista 2 Sista has a database of adult women volunteers from various careers and professions who volunteer to assist at all of the events and become mentors and confidantes at the events. These women are called “Big Sistas”.
What events and programmes have we run?
So far Sista 2 Sista has run two weekend camps and two one day conferences. Each camp was attended by 15 girls and 5 Big Sistas. The conferences were bursting to capacity with 250 girls and 30 Big Sistas. Due to the proven success of these events we feel comitted and passionate about increasing the number of Sista 2 Sista interventions.
What happens at a Sista 2 Sista Event?
High-quality speakers, informative, interactive workshops,gift bags and delicious goodies to eat, art, dance, music, beautiful decor, friendships, chatting, laughing and the undivided attention of a group of dedicated and trained Big Sistas. We make sure that each girl has an awesome time in a safe, contained environment.We also make sure that in every event we offer, we are real, relevant and talk about and deal with the issues that teenage girls are strugglingwith. Every girl should leave a Sista 2 Sista event feeling precious and like they have a place in the world!
What’s our vision for the future?
The overwhelmingly positive response that we’ve had to Sista 2 Sista so far shows us that there’s a real need amongst teenage girls for the kind of support that
Sista 2 Sista offers. With that in mind, our vision is to expand Sista 2 Sista, to increase the number of workshops, conferences and camps and to start including programmes in schools.  Our ultimate vision would be to have a Sista 2 Sista centre where we can run some of our programmes but also where girls have a safe place to go for counselling, mentoring, group sessions, HIV/AIDS and pregnancy testing as well as support groups. With the huge unemployment rates in South Africa,
Sista 2 Sista would also like to begin educating teenage girls in career choices, basic business and entrepreneurship skills.
How can you get involved?
Sista 2 Sista relies on funding and sponsorship to operate. We are always on the lookout for companies to brand our events and help fill the girls goodie bags with wonderful things that girlslove. We acknowledge all our sponsors on our website and also publically on the day.
We also always need the help of “Big Sistas”. If you are a woman between the ages of 18 and 105 and want to “give something back”, then get hold of us.  There are many different areas where we can put you to use: helping run the Sista 2 Sista events, being a Big Sista and helping run small groups, mentoring, counselling, helping with the fundraising and marketing, packing goodie bags, helping with registration and many other areas. If you would like more information in this regard please contact Sarah.
Further information on BizSchool management:
Sista 2 Sista is run by a CEO, is overseen by a counselling psychologist and is organised by a steering committee.
Sarah Tinsley – Myerscough: CEO and founder
Sarah has an honours degree in psychology from RAU (2003), A Colloquium for social entrepreneurship certificate from the Gordon Institute of Business Science (2007), a community counselling certificate from RAU (2003) and a FAMSA Basic counselling certificate and trauma debriefing certificate. (2002/2001)
Sarah has worked in the following areas:
·         As a community youth worker for seven years  where she was involved in programme design, camps, leadership courses, career guidance courses, counseling and mentoring for over 5 000 teenagers. 
·         At the Gordon Institute of Business Science on their career guidance website www.next.gibs.co.za and on the GIBS MBA selection team.
·         Junior Achievement South Africa as their National Programme manager teaching and developing entrepreneurship programmes for Schools.
·         Sarah has worked on various projects for SADCnet, African Business Network, South African Business Schools Association.
·         Sarah currently works as Programme Director for a NPO called the Association of African Business Schools www.aabschools.com
·         Sarah is also CEO of BizSchool – which runs programmes for teenagers in Matric on adult basic life skills and career guidance.  www.bizschool.org.za
Sarah loves running, scuba diving, holidays, cooking with her husband, dinner parties and reading. She is passionate about people reaching their full potential.
Sue Tinsley – Counselling Psychologist
Sista 2 Sista is advised on all psychological and emotional matters by Sue. Sue is a trained Counseling Psychologist (MA, RAU and also registered with the British Psychological Society) and has been in private practice since 1997. She has a particular interest in facilitating individuals in reaching their potential, building their self-acceptance and self-esteem and dealing with life crises. Sue has done work for a variety of institutions, including the Child and Adult Guidance Clinic of RAU, the Anglican Diocese, St. Luke’s and St. Martin’s Churches, BizSchool, the Jesuit Institute of South Africa and a number of schools in the Johannesburg Area.
Sista 2 Sista steering committee members:
Jennifer Hume – Biokineticist
Jennifer majored in Psychology in her undergraduate degree in Sport Psychology (2002). She then went on to specialize in an honours degree in Sport Science (2003) and then honours in Biokinetics (2004). She is currently working in two private practices focusing on rehabilitation of individuals with orthopedic injuries, chronic medical conditions and general wellness exercise programming. She has also worked in exercise education and training of patients with eating disorders. Jennifer participated in the BizSchool 2009 programme as a facilitator.
Jennifer has a passion for working with children and teenagers, and recognizes the endless value in helping to grow individuals through mentoring, teaching life skills and developing a strong self esteem, particularly at a young age.
Humbulani Matshili
Humbulani is a second year economics student at the University of Johannesburg. She is currently involved in two debating societies, Sista 2 Sista, and works part time at Exclusive Books.  Humbulani was a leader on the Bizschool 2009 programme and has held many leadership positions in her life. She was head girl in 2003, on the SRC three times during high school, head waitress and secretary of debating. She has a few awards to her name including drama, debating and choir merits, and a gold eisteddfod for speech. Humbulani has a “Skilled for Life” certificate, debating colours, and has received two scholarships. She enjoys reading, hiking, dancing watching movies, doing community service and taking advantage of all opportunities in life.
Carolina Silva de Gouveia
Carolina is currently finishing her Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting, and thereafter is looking to do her honours and articles to become a Chartered Accountant. Her interests are reading, dancing and she has a passion for singing and music. She has decided to take this year and dedicate her time to a number of volunteer programmes helping others in any way she can. For her, being part of this organization, to be a mentor and confidante to these young girls is a great privilege, for she too knows what it is to go through the ups and downs of being a teenager, and therefore hopes to use her experiences to help others.
Sista 2 Sista contact details:
(c) 082 374 5535
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If you would like to assist, or mentor for Sista2Sista, please contact Sarah Tinsley.



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